Here's just a small sampling of what we're up to...

Green Sprouts at school garden in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.)

school eco-clubs

Through education, children learn the importance of protecting and sustaining their environment.  Starting young, we plant school gardens, lead field trips, and provide programming that empowers youth to be good stewards of their environment, while having fun!  Our school eco-clubs are currently in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.). 


Green Sprouts during beach cleanup on Spring Bay in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.)

Community clean ups

We partner with local organizations, businesses, and individuals to conduct cleanups in their community.  These cleanups help our Green Sprouts understand the importance of respecting their environment and their commitment to recycling.  These community cleanups are particularly effective in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.), ensuring the environment matches the beauty of the people. 

Green Sprouts learn about recycling at Green and Clean VI (ltd) and the benefits in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.)

Environmental entrepreneurship

For middle school and high school age students, we provide opportunities to learn about environmental occupations.  Programs include developing recycling centers managed by youth for community service hours, and introduction to the environmental sciences. The British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.) are our focus at this time.